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How 100X Leverage Works?

How 100X Leverage Works?

With 100x leverage, your initial margin will be increased a hundred times. Invest in 1 BTC to get 100 BTC buying/selling power. Using leverage, you can open a much larger position and enlarge your potential profits by betting on right direction.

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If Bitcoin increased from $10, 000 to $10, 075 your return would be equal to:

+0.75% without leverage +75% with 1:100 leverage

100x Leverage Trading

Profit From Market Rising & Falling

Margin trading (Futures trading) lets you amplify the gains from market fluctuation by longing or shorting cryptocurrencies. Open a long position when you predict the price of BTC will go up, while a short position reflects the opposite.

Margin trading also involves using leverage to increase the position, so that traders can boost the larger gains from a profitable trade without investing in a large sum of capital.

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Profit From Market Rising & Falling

Why choose Bexplus?




Simple Trading Interface


High Security


High Liquidity


Interest-bearing Wallet

Intuitive, user-friendly and simplistic trading interface helps newcomers start futures trading easily.


Protection against DDoS attacks and encrypted with SSL, multi-signature technology, 2FA to secure users' account and assets.


Extra-fast order execution even during great market fluctuation, no spread and with low latency.


Safely store BTC and enjoy up to an annualized interest of 21%. Instant deposit and withdrawal, and 24/7 available.

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BexPlus is a stable and simple to use leverage trading platform with its simple and intuitive user-interface on its website and mobile app. The exchange is offering a 100% deposit bonus and 10 free Bitcoin using their demo account to entice new traders.


Bexplus provides traders with opportunities to benefit from market volatility with 100x leverage.


Bexplus provides super high liquidity surpassing most of the competitors in the industry.


With well-designed yet easy trading interface, Bexplus is a good choice for both novice and veteran investors.


Founded by experienced blockchain architects, Wallstreet financial experts, IT professionals, etc, Bexplus is shaking the status of BitMEX.


Bexplus has many highlights including no KYC, no spread, high leverage, low fees, trading simulator, smart wallet with interest and more.


Bexplus pays attention to user experience and solves customer problems that encountered when using the platform. 24/7 available.

Bexplus Profit Rankings

Update time (UTC): 2022-01-16
bex***332 24h Profitability +205.18% 2.37786169 BTCwin
bex***592  24h Profitability +203.91% 1.24096469 BTCwin
Sa**ah  24h Profitability +148.69% 2.83156323 BTCwin

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